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Hi, I'm Jenn and I am here to help you clean up your life!

In late 2013, my life was a bit of a mess.  I had been suffering from a host of health issues for over two years - I was fatigued all the time, I had issues sleeping, my GI tract was a mess, I was having breakouts on my chin, I was carrying extra weight around my middle, I was getting frequent headaches, feeling dizzy when I stood up and had developed a mysterious pain in my left side.  I had been to numerous doctors who all told me I was "fine" and wanted to do nothing but offer me prescription medications.  Although the health issues were indeed making me anxious and depressed, I knew that something was wrong with my body and I was frustrated running into dead end after dead end.  

During that same time, I was in debt and living paycheck to paycheck, had several credit cards, a job that I hated, a poor diet, poor sleeping schedule and suffered the losses of both of my parents to cancer.

I was emotionally and physically spent.  And I knew something needed to change.

That's when I set out to "clean up" my life, from top to bottom.

I downsized my life drastically, by getting rid of about 80% of my belongings and moving into a tiny house (mortgage-free).  

I pursued my passion for writing full time.  

I paid off all my credit cards and closed them for good.  

I overhauled my diet and cut out gluten, dairy and sugar.  Replacing them with organic veggies, lean antibiotic-free and grass-fed meats and non-GMO foods.  

I started meditating, taking supplements and going to natural health practitioners who focus on the body as a whole.  

And most importantly, I committed to spending my time, energy and money on actually living my life and doing things that brought me joy, while I still had the time.

My life is completely different now than it was just two years ago.  I love what I do, my body is healthier, I have more energy and I am free of emotional baggage that had been weighing me down.  I no longer feel the "need" to accumulate material possessions.  And when I'm not working, I spend my time traveling around, seeing friends and family and marking adventures off of my bucket list.

So, what about you?  Are you ready to start your amazing, new life too?